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All In One Hot Water Heat Pump

Type: hot water heat pump
Purpose: domestic hot water
Models for choice: 3kW/300L, 3kW/300L solar version
Advanced technology: flow temperature up to 65℃

  • Description:

    It  is specially designed for the need of sanitary hot water, applicable for kitchen and bathroom application.It  looks like a tall cylinder with a small chamber on top and a larger one on the bottom. In the top chamber are a fan, a cylindrical compressor, and an evaporator that runs along the inside of the chamber.

    It consumes  less electrical energy than a conventional electric water heater, as the electrical power it consumes is only to operate the compressor and fan. In addition, it also can be combined with the solar thermal system.



    • Maximum water temperature up to 65℃ by heat pump mode.

    • High energy efficiency, high performance factor.

    • Enameled inner tank, durable and reliable.

    • Integrated booster heater and anode rod.

    • Wide operation range from -20 to 43℃ (with booster heater), heat pump mode from -7 to 43℃ .

    • LCD display, intelligent microcomputer control.

    • Complete isolation between water and electricity, no potential danger of any inflammable, gas poisoning, explosion, fire, electrical shock which are associated with other heating systems.

    • It  can be easily installed by a plumber or electrician, no need for a specialist refrigeration engineer.

    • It does not need direct sunshine to operate nor does it need large roof panels.

    • Compact design,convenient maintainence,stable operation.

    • Green,environmentally friendly with no pollutants.




    Q1: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?

    A1:Yes, we provide OEM and ODM service for customers.


    Q2:Are you a manufactuer or trading company?

    A2:We are a big manufacturer of heat pumps i.


    Q3:Can you do the design for us?

    A3:Yes,  we do. We provide tailored products for customers after we both get a agreement for cooperation.


    Q4:How can I get a sample to check your quality?

    A4:You can order samples from us.


    Q5:What are your main products?

    A5:All kinds of heat pumps, e.g. air source heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, hot water heat pumps.


  • Model


    SHW03-300 SOL

    Power supply


    Output water temperature              

    38~65℃ adjustable, default 55℃

    Working outside temperature         

    -20~43℃,  heat   pump mode -7~43

    Tank capacity                                     L


    Heat Pump output                           kW




    Power of booster heater                 kW


    Maximum water temperature          


    Compressor type


    Noise level at 1 meter                  dB(A)


    Unit size (D*H)                                  mm


    Packing size (W*D*H)                      mm


    Net/gross weight                               kg


    Combination with solar system



    Optional solar accessary


    Solar kit

    Test conditions:

    Ambient temperature (DB/WB) =15/12, water temperature from 15 to 45


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