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Solar Thermal Collector

Speedy Green Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 21, 2018

A Solar Thermal Collector is a device that absorbs solar radiation and transfers the generated thermal energy to a heat transfer medium.

Solar collectors are the core components of solar thermal utilization systems. Solar collectors absorb solar radiation, generate a lot of heat, and provide a constant source of power. It is like a human heart. Once the heart stops beating, people will If you can't live, then if the solar collector is damaged, these hot water systems will lose their vitality. The solar collectors used in different hot water systems are different. The collectors have a flat plate and a vacuum tube. They all have special heat absorption devices that absorb solar radiation, convert them into heat energy, and then transfer the heat energy to the water (water is only one type of heat transfer medium, others Distilled water and gas, etc., so that the temperature of the water is continuously raised, and the desired hot water is obtained. The collector is divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature according to the temperature, and the solar collector is of a low temperature type. Of course, different standards have different classifications, such as tracking collectors and non-tracking collectors, which are divided according to whether the collector is orbiting the sun throughout the day. In our lives, the most common solar collectors are flat-plate solar collectors and vacuum tube solar collectors. In short, solar collectors are devices that absorb solar radiation energy and transfer heat to the working fluid.

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