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SPEEDY Will Launch A New Generation Of Pool Heat Pump

Speedy Green Energy Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2017
Source: SPEEDY


SPEEDY will launch a new generation of swimming pool heat pump, the new generation of swimming pool heat pump not only has a more attractive appearance, but also will be more intelligent and environmentally friendly.
In order to make the products more competitive, SPEEDY will replace the products every couple of years and apply the latest research achievements to them. The new generation of swimming pool heat pump not only more has a stylish, simple design, but also will be applied with DC inverter technology. In addition, the new generation of heat pump will also use mobile phone remote control technology; Users will be more convenient to control their pool heat pump and pool temperature even when they are travelling in another country.

The new generation of swimming pool heat pump will be available in the coming year of 2018.


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